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Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy confirm IVF baby news

US entertainment presenter Jason Kennedy and his wife, Lauren Scruggs, have revealed they are expecting their first child after years of fertility struggles

The couple has documented their recent IVF journey on their Instagram pages and revealed the happy news this month.

Jason, 39, who was previously the anchor of E! Entertainment News program, told People magazine: “It’s always tough when a doctor tells you you can’t have kids naturally and you keep running into complications, but we didn’t sit and wallow in that. We were really blessed to meet with some amazing doctors and specialists.”

The couple, who got married in 2014, said they told Lauren’s twin sister first and then both sets of parents, who the pair said ‘lost their minds’.

Lauren said the hardest part for her was setting an alarm four times a day for months to administer the medication.

Jason said: “One time Lauren had to be rushed to the ER because of the unbearable pain a few days after pain retrieval. Not to sound cliche, but it really has brought us closer together because we have never been through this before, and it’s been really special supporting each other.

“We soon realised that posting about our story welcomed us into a community of people going through the same thing. We were deeply moved by the love and support of so many people that were rooting us on in our fertility journey.”

Jason added they felt a huge sense of peace and calm mainly thanks to their faith.

He said: “There is an overall sense of peace because of our faith in God, and then it just comes down to our incredible friends and family who walked closely with us through it all.”

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