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Jedward helping friend to conceive twins via IVF

X-Factor stars Jedward have revealed they are helping a friend to have twins through IVF

The Irish singing duo, John and Edward Grimes, told BBC Breakfast in a recent interview they were pleased to hear that twin births were at an all-time high.

John said: “It is actually crazy because our friend actually wants us to help her have twins via IVF, so as her friends that is like the best gift that we could give her.

“I think twins are like a modern day miracle, they bring a lot of joy, it’s a very lovely thing to have twins.”

Edward said: “The thing about it is, people who use IVF are struggling to have kids, and what’s better than having two kids. Two is always better than one.”

The pair appeared on X-Factor in 2009 and have since gone on to forge a career for themselves, regularly performing across the globe.

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