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IVF Spain explain why you need emotional support for IVF

You don’t know how hard building the family that you’ve always dreamt of can be until you go through fertility treatment. Some patients get pregnant after one or two attempts, some can take years to realise their dream

IVF babble spoke to the team at IVF Spain about why emotional support is so important when it comes to your fertility journey.

IVF Spain has adapted all procedures so that their patients feel supported and understood during their whole fertility journey – however long it takes.

Patients often feel alone and misunderstood, even though they have the emotional support from their families and friends. In other cases, they struggle with the heartbreak of infertility in secret. Either way, it is difficult to understand how something as common as getting pregnant can cause so much pain and suffering. It’s also common to feel guilty and to feel as having lost part of your intimacy when seeking medical treatment for something which should be natural. and it is usually part of a couple’s relationship.

Patients are the most important people at IVF-Spain. Therefore, all procedures have been defined and adapted to make them feel supported and understood. This is why the Patient Care Assistant position was created: a team full of empathy that offers support and guidance for all patients throughout the whole treatment. In order for them to feel understood and cared for, a personalised attention in their own language is always offered. Emotional closeness and empathy improve the quality of the medical care offered at the clinic.

It is very important to the IVF Spain team to get close to those with fertility problems

That’s why the clinic started organising patient meetings and open evenings a few years ago. The main aim is to shorten distances, overcome geographical boundaries and provide firsthand detailed information about IVF Spain treatments, which currently offer high pregnancy rates. This way patients have the opportunity to discuss their options and make an informed decision about what is best for them. At the end of the day, we are talking about a decision that will probably change their lives.

Patient care and emotional support involves constant research, updating of procedures and implementation of new approaches to our daily practice

In line with this, we have recently had the visit of Andreia Trigo, fertility coach and fertility nurse specialist helping patients who are in need of support during their fertility journey. Together, we shared our views with regards to the process and she helped us provide an enhanced experience to patients undergoing fertility treatment. During her visit, Andreia gave a series of seminars for our Patients Care Assistants and also offered support sessions for IVF Spain patients who needed her advice and help during their fertility treatment.




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