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IVF is it right for you?

IVF treatment is stressful and an emotional and physical rollercoaster. You need to be absolutely sure that you have looked at all the options.

IVF won’t work for all cases of infertility which is why it is so important to get an accurate diagnosis of why you can’t conceive before you start.

Why are you having fertility issues? Its so important to get an accurate diagnosis

There are a great many causes of infertility, which is why you need the correct medical diagnosis to find out why you cannot conceive. Armed with this knowledge, you can work out the best way forward for you. All patients have the right to be referred to an NHS clinic in the UK for the initial investigation.

If you want to go private (or have to), don’t spend thousands on IVF until you’ve had everything checked out properly. Download and use our pretreatment checklist to ensure you have had all the necessary blood tests and scans so that you receive the correct diagnosis and resolution.

IVF is not a ‘miracle solution’

IVF was originally used to help women become pregnant if their fallopian tubes were the problem, but it’s now used because of other causes of infertility, such as ovulation difficulties, low sperm count, PCOS and endometriosis along with, in recent years, preserving fertility.

IVF is not suitable for everyone and it’s not a miracle solution.

Consider IVF if it is your only, or your best, option after discussions with your doctor or specialist and remember that there are no guarantees that it will work and, when it does, it will more often than not take more than one attempt to be successful.

There are other options available for anyone who does not feel that IVF is right for them, such as fostering or adoption. There are thousands of children looking for their forever family and anyone who may want to find out more should contact their local authority for advice.



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