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The different stages of an IVF cycle

Before you begin the IVF process, take some time to read through the different stages of treatment. We know it’s quite a long read, but taking the time, and understanding the process will help you feel...

IVF and injections, your questions answered

The thought of injecting yourself with your fertility drugs can seem hugely overwhelming, especially for those who have a fear of needles. However, there really is no way around it, so the best thing to do is...

What does IVF feel like?

Going ahead with IVF treatment is a big step, and although an exciting one, the fear of the unknown can be quite overwhelming, especially when you start to think about how treatment is going to leave you...

What factors are key to a successful embryo transfer?

Transfer Day – the day you have been working towards Is there anything you can do to help make it a success? We turned to Dr. Lenka Hromadova, Head Physician at the Repromeda clinic to answer our questions...

Your two-week wait questions answered by Dr Michael Kyriadikis of Embryolab

IVF babble spoke to the brilliant Michael Kyriakidis from Embryolab about the dreaded two-week wait and what it means for your physical and mental health as you come towards the end of your IVF cycle…...

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