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Considering IVF as your route to parenthood, here we highlight how it works

The IVF Process Explained

The IVF Process Explained

IVF process explained Before you begin the IVF process, take some time to read through the different stages of treatment. Understanding how the process works will help you feel in more control. If you’re considering in...

Stages of an IVF cycle

Protocol and medication

How you might feel

Eggs and follicles


Side effects

Sperm and collection


Embryo transfer

Two Week Wait

Add ons

IVF options

Genetic testing explained

The results


Helping you to navigate your next steps

Starting the journey to parenthood with fertility treatment

Diagnosis is key

Our pre treatment checklist highlights tests

Clinic Checklist

Our clinic checklist helps you to make the right decision for you

Finding a clinic

Finding a clinic that's the best option for you

Ask an expert

Needing guidance? Our experts are here to help

Shared stories

Readers share their stories to support and inspirre others TTC

Fertility health

Find out more about fertility wellness and looking after you