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IVF babble talks to Dr Raef Faris about pre treatment testing

You may have an unresolved medical issue that is causing your infertility and may even prevent IVF from working too. This is why it is so important to get a full diagnosis of your infertility issues before embarking on the IVF process.

You may have an issue that with treatment may allow you to become pregnant naturally. On the other hand, with conclusive tests and a clear idea why you need it, IVF can offer you the chance to have children when you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do so.

IVF babble’s co founder Tracey Bambrough tried to conceive over many years without success. However, prior to her second and last IVF treatment, she was advised to have pre treatment tests which confirmed she had endometriosis, a thyroid issue, a polyp and a blocked tube . . . ! Once resolved, Tracey went on to have twin daughters!

Here, leading consultant, Dr Raef Faris of the renowned Lister Fertility Clinic, speaks with IVF babble about pre treatment testing.


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