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Infertility label does not encompass all of what you are

This month a memory popped up on my husband’s timeline, so he shared it

In the grand scheme of life, this is not a big deal. We share memories all the time on our social media channels — photos of our dogs when they were puppies, pictures of my son as an infant…. But this memory prompted more likes, shares and comments than ever.


File this under another one of those wacky things in my life that happened because I am the first IVF baby in the U.S.

This memory happened to be a photo of that time I was the answer to a question on a gameshow.

The comments were overwhelmingly positive

“Wow, that’s so COOL.”

“NO WAY, YOU ARE SO FAMOUS…” you get the idea.

And while I appreciated the sentiment behind those comments (everyone was generally just interested in something that has not happened to them in their lives and the comments were not in any way negative or hurtful) it still bothered me that THIS photo got the most attention out of anything either my husband or I have posted.

While this may sound like a whiny, first-world problem to have, stick with me for a minute

This photo put me neatly into a box that everyone seeing the photo labeled and judged me on.

To them I was “famous.”
To me, it’s just my life.

To them, I was cool or interesting because of this one thing, but the truth is I have actually done things other than just arrive into the world via C-section.

I’m an award-winning writer.

I’m a mom.

I’m a marathoner.

I work for a non-profit that allows people to live full and productive lives by giving them the support they need.

I am not one thing, just as someone who has gone through IVF or infertility struggles is not their diagnosis.

Infertility is a label, sure, but it does not encompass all of what you are

We are not one thing.

And the thing to remember is that it is because we are not all labels that can fit neatly into a box that is what makes life messy, complex, and wonderful.





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