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Infertile couple become parents using donated embryos

A US couple have welcomed their second child through embryo donation after years of childlessness

Tina and Ben Gibson, from Knoxville, Tennessee at first rejected the idea of embryo donation but after doing more research on it they decided to take the next step.

They had been married for seven years and had suffered years of infertility before they chose to look at embryo donation.

The couple now has two children from embryos that had been stored for more than 25 years each.

Their children – Emma and baby Molly – who was born in October, had been frozen in the early 1990s and made history on their birth.

The Christian couple said they spent a lot of time praying for guidance

Emma had been created as an embryo 24 and a half years ago, in October 1992, and is now a very healthy three-year-old.

Molly, who is just two months old, was created as an embryo 27 years ago and has completed the couple’s family.

Tina and Ben were treated at the National Embryo Donation Center by the medical director, Dr. Jeffrey Keenan.

The NEDC opened 50 years ago and is a non-profit organisation. Its website states it has a 54 percent pregnancy rate in its most recent figures.

The center was created as a place where couples who have completed their family can donate their embryos to give others the chance to realise their dreams of becoming parents.

Telling the couple’s story, Tina said in a blog post on the center’s website: “Infertility is hard. It just is. The hardest thing I have ever dealt with but now I am on the other side.

“I know what it is like to cry with my husband over and over. We had lengthy conversations about how our lives would be without kids and if we should stop trying.

“It is amazing now to see how God had this perfect plan for us, but when you are in the midst of it it is very hard to see.”

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