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Indian single mothers do not have to disclose father’s name

A landmark high court ruling in India has concluded that single women who conceived via IVF or fertility treatment do not have to disclose the father’s details on the birth certificate

The judgment was heard by Justice Sathish Ninan after a single woman who had IVF filed a petition to the court, stating the rule in which a woman must include the father’s detail on the birth register was unfair.

The woman, who was six months pregnant at the time, told the court she could not file the name of the father as he was a sperm donor and therefore was anonymous.

The judge ruled that mothers who conceived from unconventional methods would need to fill out a separate form that would be created.

It was ruled that it was a breach of the child and the mother’s privacy to bring to attention that the child was born out of wedlock that is classed as private information.

The court had directed state authorities to prepare documentation to support the production of a new form to help single women when filing birth register documentation.

It warned that it could take some time for the ruling to come into place as society continues to become more desensitized to the notion of different methods of conception.

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