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I had my first child at 53

Kimberley Rubin thought she’d left it too late to become a mother after meeting her future husband at the age of 45

She’d already experienced an ectopic pregnancy and had a fallopian tube removed and thought her age was against her.

But she has defied all odds and is the mother of a beautiful three-year-old daughter, Sky, at the age of 53.

How did she do it?

Kimberley and her husband, Nova, married when she was 48 and he was 41. She thought they would probably adopt as Nova had said he was not worried whether they had biological children.

But soon after Nova’s brother had a child and when Nova held the baby for the first time, he felt an instant connection and the couple decided to try for their own as soon as possible.

They went to a fertility clinic with the view that they would use a surrogate and donor eggs, due to Kimberley’s age.

She told the Sun’s Fabulous Digital: “It never occurred to me that I could carry our child.”

The fertility doctor asked the couple why they wanted to use a surrogate and stated that all she needed was a ‘healthy uterus’.

Tests showed she had just that and the couple began the process of egg donation after asking their 23-year-old dog walker, who kindly agreed.

Kimberley became pregnant, which was far from easy; she experienced morning sickness, 24/7 for nearly five months and didn’t leave the house until she was past the six-months mark.

When she got to 38 weeks, her doctors told her the baby was not growing enough and was given a sweep to induce labour.

Sky was born weighing 5lb 11oz on November 1 2015

She concluded: “Some people tell me I am too old to be a mum, but I feel and look younger than most people in their 40s. There will always be people who will say ‘she will be 70 by the time her daughter leaves school,’ but that doesn’t bother me.

“I feel so blessed every day. I want to inspire other women, anything is possible.”



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