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Holly Branson falls pregnant naturally after failed IVF

Holly Branson has revealed she is expecting her third child naturally after experiencing fertility struggles in the past

The 36-year-old announced the news via her Instagram account posting a photo of her, husband Freddie and three-year-old twins, Etta and Artie.

In the post she wrote: “Freddie, Etta, Artie and I have some exciting news… our family of four, is soon to become five! We are over the moon!”

Holly went on to explain that the couple had been trying to add to their brood last year but had the same fertility struggles.

She said: “After a failed IVF attempt in December, we decided that it probably wasn’t going to happen for us. Then as sometimes happens – even thought you never think it will be you – we found out I was pregnant and had conceived naturally.

“It is the best, and genuinely most surprising piece of news imaginable.”

The daughter of Virgin Media entrepreneur, Richard Branson, has been open about her struggle to have a family with Freddie

She said on a blogspot on the Virgin website that the couple started trying to for a child in 2011 and soon realised there might be an issue.

She said: “After a year, we realised something wasn’t working for us and went to see a doctor. We did a number of tests and they all came back normal – and it was right about then that we found out I was pregnant! It’s hard to describe the joy we felt.

“Sadly, soon after, I suffered a miscarriage. We were heartbroken. But, as everyone kept reminding us, at least we knew we could get pregnant which was a positive. When our second pregnancy also ended in a miscarriage though, it was hard to stay positive.

“I lost my confidence. I felt like I had lost control of part of my life. I’d been so lucky up until that point; everything in my life had gone to plan. I loved my job, my husband and was surrounded by amazing friends. Suddenly I couldn’t control what would happen next and after two miscarriages we realised we needed to seek specialist help.

“The doctors were brilliant and talked us through all the options, with the most promising being IVF treatment. Freddie and I went away, did a lot of reading, spoke to lots of different people and decided it was the right next step.”

The couple welcomed the twins in December 2014.

IVF babble want to wish Holly and Freddie many congratulations on the lovely news.

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