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HFEA launch new patient survey to mark National Fertility Awareness Week

The UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) launched a national patient survey on Tuesday, November 2 – World Fertility Day

The fertility watchdog will be seeking views from patients and their partners who have experienced fertility treatment in the last ten years.

The survey will look at various aspects of fertility treatment including access to information, expectations, and realities of private treatment costs, and will also explore different treatment experiences by ethnic groups, following its Ethnic Diversity in Fertility Treatment report released earlier this year.

An HFEA spokeswoman said: “We will be using Fertility Awareness Week (1-5 November) to actively promote the survey, as well as supporting the other themes of Fertility Awareness Week, to reach as many patients and partners as possible.”

As well as the survey, with the fertility sector continuing to evolve and as part of its wider stakeholder engagement, the HFEA is opening up its patient organisations’ stakeholder group to additional members.

What is the Patient Organisations’ Stakeholder Group?

This group provides a structured, two-way communication between us and patient representatives to discuss issues within the HFEA remit, as well as listen and learn from those with an interest in our work.

The membership is open to:

  • Individuals who represent an established patient group or community
  • Representatives of established charities
  • Individuals who are a key voice for specific patient groups or speak on behalf of patients

The HFEA will release the link to the survey in the next couple of weeks. To take part, click here.



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