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Getting fertility fit for IVF

A huge part of preparing for IVF is psychological!

We need to mentally prepare for administering our first (and subsequent) injections, what all those hormones are going to make us feel like, how we’ll fit all the appointments in around work and social commitments and what we’ll feel like, whatever our final result.

The mental anguish we suffer, with all the thinking, researching and forum reading (we all do it, take it from someone who knows) is hard enough

But what about preparing physically? What can we do to make sure our bodies are in their healthiest state to take on and endure the physical regime of fertility treatments?

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has a sensible approach to diet and exercise guidance is spot on

Starting an IVF cycle having spent time eating well and exercising is considered one of the best things we can do to maximise our chances of success

This doesn’t mean obsessing over every single morsel we eat, feeling guilty for having a glass of wine or cup of coffee or exercising until we drop each day.

It means making smart, sensible choices when it comes to our diet, and taking part in regular aerobic exercise and resistance training

Diet-wise, a healthy diet looks different to different people. If you’re a meat eater, it will look like lean cuts of mainly white meat, oily fish and low fat dairy. If you’re a vegan, it will look like chickpeas, lentils and beans as your protein sources. For all of us, fruits, vegetables and wholegrain carbs such as brown bread, rice and pasta should make up a large part of our diet, with good fats from nuts, seeds, avocados and if we eat fish, oily fish such as sardines and mackerel.

Joe doesn’t believe in a calorie restricted diet. Instead, taking a healthy, home cooked, whole food approach to eating is best.

In terms of exercise, Joe’s approach makes the most of High Intensity Interval training, or HIIT, which means short but intense bursts of exercise, regularly. Studies show that a 20 minute HIIT session can be just as beneficial as an hour of aerobics. And we’d take 20 minutes of exercise over an hour, any day!

You can get a taste for a Body Coach workout in his interview with the Guardian

The beauty of these kinds of workouts is that you need little or no fancy equipment, and they can be done in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re at a healthy weight, it’ll do you no harm to perhaps tweak a few dietary choices here and there and add in a little more exercise if you’re lacking. But making these lifestyle changes if your BMI is higher than it should be, or you feel a little unhealthy or overweight, you could reap more than fitness benefits during your parenting journey.

We truly wish you all the best luck in the world, however you’re preparing for your fertility treatments.

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