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Gabby Logan: “I’ve told my children about IVF journey”

Sports and TV presenter Gabby Logan has told her children about having IVF in what she described as an ‘interesting conversation’.

The 43-year-old mother of 11-year-old twins, Reuben and Lois, told OK Magazine that she wanted to make sure she told her children about their conception before it was ‘Googled by someone else’.

She told the celebrity magazine: “Last summer I told them I had IVF. It was quite an interesting conversation. I wanted to tell them first in case anyone at the school googled it.”

Gabby has been very open about her IVF journey (IVF explained) with her husband of 16 years, former rugby playing legend, Kenny Logan.

The couple had a lengthy journey to parenthood before conceiving the twins in 2005.

The well-loved TV personality had a serious haemorrhage during the birth, but despite that had wanted to have more children – but it wasn’t to be

The couple gave up on having children when they reached their 40s

Gabby told Closer magazine in 2013: “I would love to have more children, and I do feel broody sometimes.

“I wouldn’t go through IVF again.It’s such a desperate thing to say, but if we could have more children, I am pretty sure we would have had more children. But I think we are at the end of the road now.”

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