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Frederik Eklund and Derek Kaplan celebrate their twins birthday remembering their struggle to parenthood

Fredrik Eklund and Derek Kaplan are the charismatic stars of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, known for their real estate savvy and artistic leanings

The couple recently celebrated the birthday of their adorable twins, who turned 2 on Thanksgiving Day.

Proud papa Eklund felt a little bit nostalgic as he prepared for his sweet little ones to officially leave babyhood and become toddlers. He shared a photo and the following caption on his Instagram account:

“When the twins are about to turn two, I am naturally getting sentimental and nostalgic. Looking back at the two most amazing AND most difficult years of life and I feel so proud.”

If you are a fan of Million Dollar Listing New York, you likely remember the struggle that Kaplan and Eklund faced as they attempted to become parents

They spent months searching for a surrogate and were overjoyed to find out that she was pregnant.

However, when this pregnancy ended in miscarriage, they were beyond devastated. Eklund told People Magazine, “I’m used to being able to pick myself up, but this time I just couldn’t. I was a mess.” Tragically, a second pregnancy with this same surrogate also resulted in a miscarriage.

Eklund and Kaplan decided to try again, with a new specialist and a new surrogate

Thankfully, this attempt proved fortuitous! On November 28, 2017 they welcomed their little bundles of joy into the world. Milla and Fredrik Jr. were healthy and happy, and the couple was overjoyed.

“So many years and so many difficulties getting here,” Eklund posted just after their birth in 2017. “We feel so lucky to have our little angels. It’s more than I could have ever wanted.”

To celebrate their 2nd birthday, Eklund again took to Instagram and posted a photo of the twins posing with their birthday cake

He wrote,  “Last night the twins turned 2 years old! What’s the likelihood that they were born on the actual day of Thanksgiving? But then again not a lot with these two angels was very likely to begin with.

”The twins share the same maternal DNA, but each have the paternal DNA from a different partner.

“Milla being biologically mine and Freddy biologically Derek’s, from the same egg donor and carried by a separate surrogate (both who we are eternally grateful to).

“After waiting so long and trying really hard, I give thanks for it all, for it to even happen to begin with, and for them to have grown so quickly and being so healthy. I’m also grateful for all the amazing people helping and supporting us to get here.”

We couldn’t be happier for Eklund and Kaplan. Happy Birthday, Milla and Fredrik Jr.!



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