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Fertility Network UK highlight campaign for November’s national fertility awareness week

Fertility Network UK(FNUK) has announced it will campaign on several important issues during 2021s National Fertility Week (November 1 to Friday, November 5)

With one in six couples facing infertility, the UK’s leading fertility charity, which supports anyone who is affected by infertility, hopes to shine a spotlight on raising awareness of fertility issues to a wider audience.

The charity will spend the week looking at a variety of subjects, including mental health, access to NHS IVF, men and infertility, and fertility education.


Fertility Network UK wants to see fair access to NHS-funded fertility treatment for all eligible patients regardless of postcode, race or sexuality. Look out for our survey on access to NHS IVF, info on fertility treatment and success rates for Black, Asian and other ethnic minority fertility patients and hear the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

Learn more and share your experiences at our #FertilityFairness webinar, hosted by Dr Raj Mathur, chair of the British Fertility Society. Watch the webinar at 6pm here .


On #DonorDay we’ll highlight the work of the national donor recruitment campaign in Scotland, raise awareness of the need for ethnic minority gamete and embryo donors, and encourage the public to consider gamete donation and fertility patients who have completed their IVF family to consider embryo donation.

Learn more and share your experiences at our #DonorDay webinar, hosted by Nina Barnsley, director of the Donor Conception Network. Watch the webinar at 6pm here.


#HIMFertility is all about male fertility. Men are half of the fertility equation and their experiences, thoughts and feelings matter equally. Look out for a twitter takeover by the HIMfertility crew and many other male voices throughout the day.

Find out more and share your circumstances at our #HimFertility webinar, this will be a male only fireside chat with members of HIMFertility. Watch the webinar at 6pm here.


Fertility education is the focus on Thursday. We highlight FNUK’s education initiatives: Your Future Fertility which aims to inform young people about the factors, including lifestyle, that can affect fertility, and Fertility in the Workplace which encourages employers to provide a supportive work environment and helps employees to know their rights.

Find out more and share your circumstances at our #FertilityEd webinar, hosted by Professor Joyce Harper, co-founder of the British Fertility Society’s Fertility Education Initiative. Watch the webinar at 6pm here.


Friday’s #TalkFertility is all about celebrating patient voices and highlighting coping strategies for both current fertility patients and people who are childless not by choice. We will be signposting where to find help, and sharing the results of an FNUK survey looking at the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on fertility patients and their treatment. Watch the webinar at 6pm on our YouTube channel, details coming soon.

IVF babble is a close partner of FNUK and has worked closely in the past year to raise awareness of infertility and for couples to access free NHS IVF.

We will be working with FNUK again this year during the national awareness week, with more details to be released soon.

To get involved in the charity’s national week, visit www.fertilitynetworkuk.org



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