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How has your fertility journey affected how you are treated in the workplace?

The UK’s National Fertility Week has so far looked at a whole host of timely issues that are faced by people suffering with infertility

But one that appears to have raised more comments than most is how IVF is dealt with in the workplace. There have been a series of programmes and discussions taking place across the media, from television to radio and podcasts on how employers reacted to their employees having IVF treatment and how they were treated.

Fertility Network UK has long been campaigning for companies to implement an IVF or fertility policy so that workers know exactly what their rights are when it comes to having time off for treatment.

A survey conducted by the charity and online business social media website, LinkedIn, found that less than half of employees facing fertility issues felt supported by their employers or colleagues.

The campaign has been gaining much media attention and pace this week and it is hoped that highlighting some of the failures by firms across the UK will prompt them to look at how they can improve the support given.

IVF babble decided to ask our followers and readers how their bosses treated them during that sensitive and emotional time, and overall the experience appears to have been a positive one for many.

Here are just some of the fantastic responses we received on our Facebook page

Sarah said she was very open about treatment and found her bosses hugely supportive.

She said: “It took the pressure off and meant everyone understood when I was emotional or had a bad day. They were so understanding and incredibly supportive.”

Lisa, who works in human resources, said it was a really difficult balance for her. She said: “When I had long service I confided in my colleagues and longstanding boss, who were all incredibly supportive, but it was more difficult when I changed employer during treatment.

“There is a real lack of family friendly policies that include fertility support, which would be a positive step forward to helping employees feel they can be honest.”

Ellie Lexie said she turned her fertility experience into a vlog for the parenting website she works for. She said: “It was really hard dealing with baby stuff all day long, so I used it to my advantage and hosted the vlog. I was quite lucky.”

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