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Fertility doctors could soon predict your menopause

We published this article back in the summer, but wanted to highlight it again, on today, October 18th, world menopause day, incase you missed it

New research published could allow women to find out when they are predicted to go into menopause.

The findings of the research, recently published in Nature Journal, have found over 300 gene variants that could be used to predict when a woman’s menstrual cycle is likely to end.

The study could also help show signs of early menopause to help women who are wanting to conceive.

It is hoped the research will help improve fertility treatment in the future and increase a woman’s fertility lifespan.

The study’s co-author, Dr Katherine Ruth, of the University of Exeter, said she hopes the study will open up new possibilities for women’s fertility in the years to come.

She said: “By finding many more of the genetic causes of variability in the timing of the menopause, we have shown that we can start to predict which women might have an earlier menopause and therefore struggle to get pregnant naturally.

“And because we are born with our genetic variations, we could offer this advice to young women.”

The researchers looked at genetic data gathered from more than 200,000 women of European origin and 80,000 from East Asian ancestry from UK Biobank, which has the health and genetic information on around half a million people, as well as 23andMe, the consumer DNA testing company.

In the study, researchers found two genes related to fertility and reproductive lifespan.

Second co-author Professor Eva Hoffman, of the University of Copenhagen, said the findings could have a major impact on IVF treatment.

She said: “The findings provide a potential new direction for therapeutic approaches that might seek to treat infertility, in particular IVF treatment.”

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Did you experience early menopause? What treatment were you offered and were you able to achieve a pregnancy? We’d love to hear what happened to you, email my story@ivfbabble.com.



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