IVF Babble

Fertilitybook is here to help you find and connect with IVF clinics, surrogacy agencies and all things fertility

We are Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page – good friends, mothers of twin IVF daughters and the founders of IVFbabble.com

Following our own long complicated and emotional fertility journeys, full to the brim of misdiagnosis and misunderstanding, we knew we needed to do something to help others facing the daunting rollercoaster ride of fertility treatment. So, we got together one afternoon and started planning . . . 

Our own hindsight allowed us to see that we needed to create something that did not exist – a resource where men and women across the world could come and learn more about their fertility . . . and their options. 

We wanted to create a space that didn’t look scary, alien or medical, but clear, fresh, and “normal”, packed full of trusted information from top fertility experts that would help men and women navigate their way through their treatment.We also knew we wanted to break the stigmas of shame attached to fertility, by starting conversations and sharing real stories, so that people could see that they aren’t alone.

Our mission is to help navigate your journey to parenthood and to help break the silence on fertility issues across the globe

We felt passionate to create something we wish we’d had…So we did….And in November 2016, IVFbabble.com was launched. It is now read in 168 countries and has had over 4.5 million visitors.

We also felt passionate about creating an online resource that would give all those TTC direct access to fertility clinics and services around the world too . . .

We are now excited to bring you fertilitybook

This is ‘our beta version’ and we would love to receive your feedback to help make it the best it can be as it grows over the coming months. 

Remember, we are all here for you and just ask for any help at any point.

With love Tracey and Sara xx

So wherever you are in the world,  all you need to do is type in the location you’re looking at, then type in the service you’re looking for, eg. clinic, wellness, surrogacy, events and then click on ‘search’ to view the results. 

fertilitybook brings you the ease of being able to find and connect with all things fertility

With so much love from Sara and Tracey xxx
 . . .