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Looking after your emotional wellbeing during IVF and how counselling can help

“If there is one thing I would do differently, if I had to do my IVF all over again, is that I would have counselling. For some reason, this is something that I just didn’t even consider back when...

Fertility experts welcome change in UK law for egg freezing limit

The UK government has announced plans to extend the time a woman can freeze her eggs from ten to a maximum of 55 years The change in the law is to come after lobbying by fertility campaigners and experts to...

Pre treatment checklist

Our pre treatment checklist If you have been trying to conceive without success for 12 months (if under 35 years) or for 6 months (if 35 years or over) it is important to visit a fertility specialist for a...

Explore Expert guidance

Find out what leading fertility experts are saying and why diagnosis is key

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Expert guidance

Learn more about fertility options from trusted experts who are here for you
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Our Trusted Partners

Learn more about our trusted partner clinics from all around the world
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Ask an expert

If you have any queries,, why not get in touch with our incredible experts
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Test your fertility

Diagnosis is key. There may be something preventing a pregnancy.
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Financing IVF

IVF is expensive. Find out ways to fund your treatment.
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Cryo transportation

Considering transporting eggs, sperm or embryos to another global clinic?
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Global events

Find out more about the latest on the leading global fertility events taking place this year
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Finding a clinic

The importance of researching clinics and checking with IVF regulatory bodies such as HFEA, SART and ESHRE

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