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Egg donation

The former president, Dr. Pedro Caballero, started his career in assisted reproduction over 40 years ago, which makes Clínica Tambre Madrid’s most-experienced medical centre in the field of fertility. With more than 56 published scientific studies, Caballero is considered a strong reference among the scientific community. Furthermore, Dr. Pedro Caballero used his experience in andrology to create the second Spanish semen bank in 1980.

His entire team shares his ambition, commitment and dedication, this allows Clínica Tambre to position itself as a top-level clinic within and outside of Spain. However, the key to Caballero’s success is not only due to his 40 years of experience and entrepreneurial spirit. Clínica Tambre also stands out in offering patients warm and personalised care, success rates well above the Spanish and European average, an excellent medical team and the deployment of the most accurate and recent technology.


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