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Redia IVF announces a new partnership in the UK with RHG to offer a refund scheme

Redia IVF, the company that offers patients a refund scheme to help their manage the costs of their IVF treatment has announced a new partnership in the UK with RHG, (Reproductive Health Group). British fertility patients can now enrol in their 100% Refund Guarantee Live Birth Plans using the services of RHG in any of their 7 clinic locations around the UK.

We spoke to Dimitris Kavakas from Redia IVF and asked him to tell us more about a refund scheme

You have just announced that you are now partnering with RHG, (Reproductive Health Group) which is great news for patients in the UK who are currently not able to travel abroad for treatment. Can you start by explaining what a refund program is?

Yes, we are very excited to partner with RHG, one of the best clinic groups in the UK. A refund program is the best way for a young couple to safeguard their financial journey to their baby using IVF by insuring their success. The program includes up to 3 stimulation cycles of IVF with any amounts of embryo transfers, as existing embryos, with a 100% refund guarantee in case they do not achieve a live birth after the end of the program.

Why is a refund scheme such a good idea? 

A refund scheme is a great idea because fertility patients can budget the IVF costs for their baby birth from the beginning, eliminating any financial uncertainty. Furthermore, they have the assurance that they are going to get their money back in case of failure. In addition, since more than half IVF patients do not succeed first time, they would be better off financially with our refund scheme.

In addition to the  100% refund that is given to those who unlikely do not succeed after 3 cycles of stimulation IVF, Redia IVF also have a gift for those that succeed in the first cycle. As a thank you gesture, knowing that they have paid more than the cost of IVF, Redia are giving them a refund gift of £650 which would come in handy for some of the first baby expenses.

Why don’t all clinics offer a refund scheme?

Fertility clinics focus mainly on the medical part of the treatment. Since they know that there is significant risk that IVF would not work, they do not want to take that financial risk on their own. That is why external providers such as Redia partner with fertility clinics to offer such programs to patients.

What makes you partner with a specific clinic? Why did you choose RHG?/Do you have plans to partner with more UK clinics?

We always look for quality clinics to partner with. Redia carefully screen clinics for quality and success rates in order to proceed with a partnership as we are taking all the financial risk of failure. The quality, reputation and great patient service of RHG was the prime reason for developing this partnership. Indeed, we have plans and discussions to partner with more UK clinics soon.

You say that your programmes with RHG are only for women up to 37. Why is this?

Our agreement with RHG is to offer our IVF 100% refund scheme. This scheme has an age limit of 37 years old. As the partnership is being established perhaps we may decide to add further programmes. In general however, in the UK we can only offer own egg IVF programmes due to limited availability of egg donors in the UK.

What about women who are using donor eggs? Is this still the case?

We can always serve those patients with our Egg Donation 100% refund scheme at our partner clinics abroad. We partner with more than 30 clinics in 12 countries around the globe. In Europe, egg donation destinations include Spain, Czech Republic and Greece where we partner with several clinics.

Do any of the clinics you work with have an age limit for men?

No, we do not have any age limits for men, however, we do require further sperm tests for men over 50 to make sure their semen is viable to successfully fertilize and develop healthy embryos.

What should a woman do if she is over 37? Do any of your partners abroad have an age limit?

Age limits for our refund programmes are imposed by us, not the clinics. This is because of our risk management. Most clinics abroad usually have an age limit for IVF imposed by their State legislation, most of them have the age of 50, however, we know that success rates with own eggs decline rapidly after the age of 37, which make is not viable to offer a 100% refund scheme after that age. However, we do have options for woman after that age. At the moment those options are only offered abroad but we may be in a position soon to offer some of those in the UK. One option is our 50% refund scheme for women between 38 and 39. The other option is our Combined IVF programme with 100% refund. This option is available to women up to 42 and offers the first cycle of own egg IVF with PGT-A included. If this cycle fails, the second and if needed, the third, will have to be with donor eggs. We are considering offering the first cycle with own eggs in the UK before moving to egg donation abroad, if needed.

Do you have plans to partner with more clinics across the globe?

We are constantly new clinics to our partner list. For a list of countries/cities, one can visit our website to see the map (https://ivftravel.com/map/). We are signing soon our first partner agreement in North America (Toronto, Canada), we are working on developing partnerships in India and the Middle East as well as Australia.

Do you have any financial guidance for anyone who is unable to have treatment at a clinic that offers your refund scheme?

I would say that getting a loan for the amount of our refund scheme cost is the best option. This way they can be sure that they can afford to pay for treatment until their end result and in case they fail, they would get their money back to repay the loan.

To find about more about a Refund Scheme with Redia IVF, click here





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