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Dr Hector Izquierdo from IVF Spain answers our readers questions.

Thank you so much to Dr Hector Izquierdo from IVF Spain for answering our readers questions.

PGT testing- would you say have this test? (I am 42 and am about to embark on my first round)

IVFS: Yes, we would surely recommend you to do PGT for two reasons: 1- to increase the transfer success rates (at your age around just 1 from every 5 embryos produces a pregnancy) 2- you remove the stress of getting tested from chromosomal diseases (down syndrome) during the pregnancy.

Is it worth checking NK cells after several failed implantations with good embryos for secondary infertility or is it not common when the first birth etc went well (current age 41)?

IVFS: I would most definitely check them. High NK cell levels could affect the implantation. And there is actually a therapy to treat it – an NK cell biopsy test.

I haven’t started my round of IVF yet but I’m doing my research now. I’m reading about Day 5 embryos and Day 6 embryos. What is the difference?

IVFS: There is no proven difference between embryos of day 5 and day 6.

My husband has been diagnosed with poor sperm quality. Can you please tell us what we can do. Are there any supplements you can recommend?

To increase sperm quality, we always recommend increasing ejaculation frequency. With regards to supplements, Vitamin C, and E have been proven to have good results.

I am 43. What should my AMH level be if I am to use my own eggs

In reproduction medicine, there is no cooking recipe! Each case is different, but I would say the best thing to do is have both the AMH test and the follicle count together.

Can you really improve the chances of success with a 3 month preparation- healthy eating and living, or, is it all really just about luck?

Good habits can always improve the success of a transfer or stimulation.

I’ve had 3 miscarriages. I’m now thinking about moving clinic. If I came to you, what would you do to help ensure it wouldn’t happen again? (I’m 37 and have PCOS)

In your case, we would most definitely take a deeper look at your immune system and your blood coagulation.

I was shocked that my embryo didn’t implant. They said my lining was ok, and the embryo looked ok, so as you can see, I’m lost. Why would a healthy embryo not implant on a perfectly healthy lining?

I am really sorry to hear that. In order to help you, I would say you are the perfect patient for an implantation window test (ErMap).  The Endometrial Receptivity Map is a personalised test to diagnose the receptivity status of the endometrium during the window of implantation. ER Map allows precise time frame identification of the highest endometrial receptivity moment, increasing the chances of implantation and pregnancy.











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