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Fertility preservation for men and women

The team of Assisted Reproduction specialists from Embryolab Fertility Clinic talk about fertility preservation in both men and women Thanks to the scientific advancement of assisted reproduction, men and...

Pre treatment checklist

Our pre treatment checklist If you have been trying to conceive without success for 12 months (if under 35 years) or for 6 months (if 35 years or over) it is important to visit a fertility specialist for a...

Fertility experts welcome change in UK law for egg freezing limit

The UK government has announced plans to extend the time a woman can freeze her eggs from ten to a maximum of 55 years The change in the law is to come after lobbying by fertility campaigners and experts to...

IVF and the law: know your legal rights as a parent

Having a child is no longer exclusively for heterosexual couples. Everyone has a right to a baby, and thanks to the incredible advances in IVF, more and more people are realising that dream. Laws are having to...

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Helping to navigate your journey to parenthood with fertility treatment


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Causes of infertility

Learn more about the causes of infertility


Find out more about Clomid and how it works for fertility


What is endometriosis? What are the symptoms and treatment?

Fertility tests

Learn more about fertility testing and why it's so important


Learn more about fertility testing and why it's important


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The Luteal Phase

What is The Luteal Phase and how does it impact fertility?

Looking after your wellbeing while TTC

It's important to look after your physical and emotional self while trying to conceive and preparing for fertility treatment


Discover fantastic fertility boosting foods to help prepare for your fertility journey

Mind and relationships

Struggling to conceive can be exhausting emotionally. Find out ways to help


Exercise and looking after your body can help with preparing for fertility treatment