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Deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam dismisses fertility and COVID vaccine rumours as ‘nonsense’

England’s deputy chief medical officer has told Good Morning Britain viewers the rumoured link between the COVID-19 vaccine and fertility as ‘nonsense’

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam appeared on the programme to answer viewers’ questions on the latest coronavirus data and told GMB presenters, Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid there was no evidence at all to substantiate the rumours.

He said: “There is just no evidence at all that there are any issues relating to planning a family or fertility.

“So no. If you’re in a risk condition and you are called, my advice would be to go and get the vaccine.”

Since the vaccine rollout began rumours of it having an adverse effect on fertility have been rife, with many professors and doctors trying to dispel the myths.

The chief medical officer Chris Whitty also commented on the concerns.

He said: “There is no current evidence on any impact of fertility.

“Lots of concerns are there, and people who are wanting to start families of course have concerns very reasonably.

“It’s not something seen as a problem – this is not an area I think people should be concerned.”

When asked about pregnant women, Professor Van-Tam said he would advise women who are at very severe risk to have the vaccine.

He said: “When we say ‘for the time being’ we advise the vaccine in pregnant women who are really at very severe risk of COVID-19, we are saying not that we believe it us unsafe in the wider population of pregnant women but we do not yet have that extensive data.”

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