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Couple use embryo donation to complete their family

An Edinburgh couple have used embryo donation to have children after three years of painful fertility procedures

Lisa and Jamie Kitching have two children, Joseph, six and three-year-old Leon and spent £5,000 on an embryo adoption programme.

The couple told the Scotsman newspaper that even though Lisa gave birth to both naturally, neither couple have a genetic connection with their sons, as they were both created using an anonymous egg and sperm donor in Barcelona.

Embryo donation was first used in the 1980s in Australia, the procedure involves couples releasing unused embryos after they have completed their families.

Lisa and Jamie had tried for a baby for a year before they began to have fertility investigations, which revealed that there was a problem with Jamie’s fertility.

The couple were recommended to try IVF and over the next three years they tried with only one embryo resulting in a pregnancy, but sadly Lisa miscarried.

They then discovered there was a problem with Lisa’s eggs.

It was then that Jamie began researching embryo donation

Lisa said they had talked about adoption, but she had an ‘overwhelming desire to carry a baby’.

She said: “We agreed if a child was surrounded by unconditional love, genetics wouldn’t matter.”

They decided to go-ahead, at a cost of £10,000 per cycle and on the third cycle Lisa became pregnant with Joseph.

In 2016, the couple returned to the clinic to conceive Leon.

They have now begun to explain to the children about how they were created and that a man and a woman offered their seeds so that they could become parents.

Lisa said: “We’ll keep telling the boys as they grow up. It’s fascinating to think they were created thanks to the kindness of people none of us will ever meet.”

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