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Couple stop fertility treatment to adopt

A couple suffering secondary infertility are hoping to adopt after stopping fertility treatment

Caitlyn and Sean married in 2016 after meeting in 2008. They have an eight-year-old son and began trying for number two in 2018.

After months of no success, the couple went to their doctor and began a series of tests and ultrasounds to find out if there was an issue.

All the tests came back positive and the ultrasounds clear.

Caitlyn told Metro.co.uk, “The gynaecologist found nothing wrong and diagnosed me with secondary infertility. It basically means they don’t know why I can’t get pregnant. The doctors suspect that even though my blood tests were fine, I may not ovulate regularly due to irregular cycles.”

She was prescribed fertility-boosting pills, including letrozole for six months and then Clomid.

But nothing happened

The couple knew their next option was IVF and had a choice to make.

“My husband and I discussed that I did not want to do IVF as I know the extremes it pushes the woman physically, mentally, and emotionally and the chance of conception leading to a healthy birth is still very low,” Caitlyn says.

They decided to stop treatment and start researching adoption

Caitlyn said, “I read, watched, and listened to as much as I could before I made the phone call to start the process.”

The couple started the process in December 2019, with the first of many checks being carried out.

She said, “The process is very intrusive and in-depth; checking your finances, home, health, and much more. But it is all to make sure these children who have had such a traumatic start to life are placed in a safe and secure forever home.

The process has been slowed a little due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the pair are now in stage two and working with a social worker, who will prepare a report on their suitability.

The couple, along with their report, will then go before an adoption panel to decide if they can adopt.

Caitlyn said the couple is doing all they can to prepare for a second child, but she still feels worried about the future.

She said: “I worry about not being able to access the help we need to support our child when or if they need it with the services they say are there for us.

“Talking to my social worker helps alleviates these issues. Unfortunately, it won’t be until we are in the situation that I will know how things will turn out but we are determined to do our very best to make it work.”

But ultimately, the couple wants to offer a safe and loving home to a child forever

Caitlyn said, “To be able to give a child a safe, consistent and loving home is the biggest reason we have chosen adoption.

“We have the space in our home and hearts to provide that.”

Did you stop fertility treatment to adopt? Or did you chose to adopt rather than have fertility treatment?

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