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Couple lose 12 stone to start IVF journey

A UK couple has lost 12 stone so they can realise their dream of becoming parents

Sarah and Steve Burbage, from Great Yarmouth, have suffered years of fertility heartbreak so they decided to go to their GP for help.

Her doctor told Sarah she would refer her for NHS IVF treatment but she would need to bring her weight down.

Spurred on by this, Sarah joined a local slimming group and began to lose the weight.

Steve decided to join Sarah and now the couple is the healthiest they have ever been.

Sarah told the Eastern Daily Press: “We have been having fertility problems for a long time, including three miscarriages, which are a little heartbreaking.

“When we went to the doctor, she said they will send me to see James Paget (fertility consultant) but first I would need to sort out my weight. I was put on a 12-week referral and it went from there.”

Sarah said she had tried losing weight before in 2019 but the lockdown seemed to focus her mind and she was able to gain control of her eating by planning meals and buying fresh food.

She said: “It seemed like a huge mountain to climb when they said I needed to lose five stone.

“Steve had been a really important part of it, making sure I don’t fall off the wagon and reminding me what I am doing this for.

“He also did fantastically well. He lost seven stone and has kept it off.”

The couple has reached their goal and hopes to start IVF treatment in 2021.

Sarah said: “It would mean everything to be a mum.2

We wish Sarah and Steve all the luck in the world in 2021.

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