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Could new fertility device help you conceive?

A newly-launched device is being hailed as a revolution in helping people to conceive

The TwoPlus Fertility Sperm Guide, co-founded in the UK by Dr Benjamin Tee, said it can help increase the odds of natural conception at home by guiding more sperm cells to reach the egg.

The device, which can be administered at home, is designed to help retain maximum sperms to swim to the egg, increasing the chance of conception.

It is said to prevent leakage of sperm after sex, while also increasing the amount of sperm that reaches the cervical mucus.

The device manufacturers claim it has been shown to increase the chances of conception eight times in invitro-testing.

Dr Tee told the Daily Mail: “Most of the fertility products out there are focused on fertility tracking or incremental product improvements.

“None have concentrated on providing new, ground-breaking solutions to improve sperm transport to the egg.”

Dr Tee has already recorded one baby born using the device and hopes to achieve a million babies over the next ten years.

The Singaporean said he and his wife developed the invention after having struggles with conceiving.

The device has been in development for over two years and Dr Tee is enthusiastic it can help thousands of people conceive.

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