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What are the chances of getting pregnant with donor eggs?

IVF Treatment with donor eggs gives women who are unable to conceive the chance to have a family. But what are the success rates and likelihood of getting pregnant? In our blog, we asked that very question and we take a look at the success rates.

IVF success rates in your 40s increase substantially when donor eggs are used. At Manchester Fertility, our current pregnancy rates if you use fresh donor eggs are 65% for women aged 40-44 and 71% for women above 45. 

So why do donor eggs give you such a good chance of pregnancy? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

Healthy egg donors and quality eggs

Because we have a criteria when selecting our egg donors we have young, healthy women with a good ovarian reserve who join our egg donor programme.

Which means your chances of getting pregnant are high and despite your own age, you can have IVF up to the age of 50. 

Younger women also use donor eggs too, because of premature menopause, very low ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure. 

Personalised donor eggs treatment

The personalised treatment you have with us matters too. When you’re using donor eggs, we focus on optimising your body and re-creating natural conception conditions, so your body is ready to receive and carry the embryo and support a pregnancy. 

This may involve using tailored doses of hormones so that your uterine lining is ready for embryo transfer, and then supporting successful implantation and your early pregnancy weeks with additional specific hormones, throughout your first trimester. 

Embryo selection techniques

Choosing the best quality embryo is key to a successful pregnancy, and at Manchester Fertility we have extensive expertise in embryo growth and selection. Embryos are developed to advanced Blastocyst stage where possible, which is the stage where we start to see the cells that will form the placenta and the baby.

Our experienced embryologists use either standard culture methods or EmbryoScope time-lapse technology to identify which embryo has the highest pregnancy potential. If you have good quality remaining embryos, these can be frozen for future use.

Frozen donor eggs survival success

If you’re using frozen donor eggs, you also have a very high chance of pregnancy – on average 50% – thanks to our survival rates for frozen donor eggs. This is because of the advanced freezing technique we use in our laboratory, which minimises the formation of ice crystals in the egg.

Ready to start treatment with donor eggs?

If you’d like to have treatment with donor eggs at Manchester Fertility, talk to our New Patient Co-ordinators to get started on 0845 268 2244.  

You can also book a free, no obligation 1-2-1 to learn more about using fresh or frozen donor eggs, our success rates and our cost-effective, affordable donor eggs treatment packages.



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