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Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin reveals surrogacy journey to have her son

Celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin has announced she had her son via surrogacy

The 41-year-old, originally from Utah, revealed she and her husband Mike Rosenthal had son River on March 5, 20201.

But it was not known that she had surrogacy, something she announced in a seven-minute video post to her 3.7million Instagram followers.

In a similar written post to her page, she said she did not feel it was necessary to talk about whether she’d suffered miscarriages or failed IVF on their journey to be patients, and we can’t agree more.

She said: “Our ability to share our story is such a blessing. It started in 2015. I was turning 36 and not ready to have children.”

Jen, who counts Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians among her clients, said she visited a fertility specialist and decided to retrieve eggs and create embryos for later use.

She said: “I wanted to talk openly about it because it felt very lonely at the time. I also got upset at how costly it is, and I don’t understand how most employers don’t help cover this cost for women.

“Cut to 2020, and with the help of Dr Andy Huang, we decided surrogacy was our best option to start a family. I know a lot of people have been asking about miscarriages and failed IVFs, etc, but I’m not sharing any of that because I don’t think anyone has to explain why they chose surrogacy, period.

“Our society does not normalise surrogacy, adoption, or fostering. Being adopted myself I have always known the importance of celebrating without judgement every family’s unique journey.

Our fav nurse Brianna said to us: “The journey as a parent can be very lonely. I have seen people become parents through loss, surrogacy, adoption, and some of the most complicated and devastating circumstances. Through posting you can help people find comfort in not being alone, one family in finding a connection with other families who have gone thru the same experiences, help them find a way to escape the isolation.

“It doesn’t matter how you decide to become a parent, or if being a parent to a little human lasted a million days shorter then it should have, you are still a parent and it deserves massive celebration.”

Jen has been praised for sharing her surrogacy journey and some of her celebrity clients have commented on the post, including Khloe Kardashian, who herself is thinking of using a surrogate to have a second child.

Khloe said: “I’m so grateful that you are choosing to share your story. The video made me cry. I love you so much and I am so happy for you and your family.”

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