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Cancer survivor gives birth to quadruplets following IVF treatment

A 35-year-old woman who beat bladder cancer has given birth to quadruplets after she received IVF treatment

Virginia Johnson, of Arizona, in America, had her right ovary removed as a teenager due to polycystic ovaries and was devastated to learn she would have to have left ovary removed to prevent the spread of cancer in 2013.

Doctors discovered the tumour following a scan which determined that Virginia had conceived naturally but that the pregnancy was ectopic.

She was offered IVF treatment and amazingly it worked and she gave birth to her much wanted daughter, Zoe in 2014.

Virginia and her husband, Victor, then decided they’d like to give Zoe a sibling and began IVF treatment again to conceive.

After the first round was unsuccessful, the couple started the second and soon discovered they were expecting not one, but two babies.

And a week later they got the news that the embryos had split again and they were expecting quadruplets.

The news shocked and delighted the happy couple

The doctors asked the couple to consider selective reduction, but they refused.

“It was an emotional rollercoaster,” Virginia told the Daily Mail.

“‘I went from being excited for twins, to being overwhelmed at the idea of triplets and then being completely gob smacked that I was pregnant with quadruplets.”

The babies, three girls and a boy – Ava, Madelyn, Olivia and Victor – are now eight months old and are Instagram sensations, with mum Virginia regularly posting updates on their antics.

“We hardly got any sleep and were up every three hours to bottle feed. It’s hard enough with one newborn but with four it is even more demanding.”

But she said it was four times the blessing for them as they get so much support and help.

To follow them on Instagram visit @thejohnsonrainbowquadsquad

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Photography credit: Lizzy McMillan, Momento Studios


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