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Canada’s 14th fertility week will have the theme of ‘Hear Us’

This year’s Canadian Infertility Awareness Week(CIAW) will have the theme of being heard

The national organisation that aims to empower Canadians to reach their reproductive health goals, Fertility Matters Canada(FMC) is encouraging Canadians to speak out about their fertility journeys and to shed light on the ways modern families are being built.

The annual Canadian Infertility Awareness Week (CIAW) will take place between April 18 and 24, 2021.

FMC provides support through online resources, interactive support sessions, and social media awareness campaigns. CIAW brings focus to the one in six Canadians and all other individuals who need to access fertility care.

Executive Director of FMC, Carolynn Dube, said 2020 had brought more challenges for those who need fertility support.

She said: “We want anyone who has been affected to know that support is available and we encourage them to share their experiences so we can build a stronger community, which celebrates the diverse ways families are created. We also want to bring recognition to the fact that it is not just those we are actively seeking fertility care who are impacted, but their entire circle of family and friends.”

Throughout the week, experts in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), fertility professionals, and patients will share their expertise and knowledge through the FMC online platforms. These will join the already-powerful Fertility Spotlight stories that are published on the website (www.fertilitymatters.ca) and social media channels.

“CIAW is always an important event but, this year, we recognize an even greater need to reach out to Canadians who are struggling to build their families,” said Sara Cohen, President of Fertility Matters Canada. “We want to offer the resources and reassurance they need to face their fertility journey with increased confidence, as well as to promote greater awareness and understanding among the community as a whole.”

Fertility Matters Canada’s ongoing mission is to educate, inform, and empower Canadians about their reproductive health, and to advocate for equal access to fertility care across the country. In January 2021, Fertility Matters partnered with Conceivable Dreams, a volunteer-run patient group that advocates for equitable access to fertility treatments, to launch the Fertility Benefits Matter campaign to encourage employers to improve fertility benefits and to raise awareness on the current state of fertility support across Canada.

For more information on CIAW 2021 events and webinars click here



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