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Cosmopolitan magazine

‘The past week has seen numerous women on Instagram (and in real life – can you believe it?) wearing pin badges with two smiling pineapples. And it’s all for a great cause. The initiative, backed by influential figures including Fearne Cotton, Kate Thornton, and Izzy Judd, is to support IVF awareness as part of their #ivfstrongertogether campaign.’ Read more

Izzy Judd, wife of Harry Judd, McFly and author of Dare to Dream:

#ivfstrongertogether is such a beautiful and well needed campaign that will help break the silence and the solitude of TTC, by bringing a much needed awareness to fertility. I will proudly wear my pineapple pin to show my love and support. Izzy x

Louise Brown, World’s First IVF baby, says: 

Many people going through IVF and Fertility problems feel isolated and lonely. The #ivfstrongertogether campaign is a great idea for bringing people together. Lou ??

Susan Seenan, chief executive of Fertility Network UK:

‘Wearing a pineapple pin as a symbol of hope, support and solidarity within the fertility community is a wonderful, heart-warming idea. Going through fertility struggles can be an incredibly isolating experience; so it’s great if just the glimmer of a friendly pineapple pin on a crowded commute to work or the IVF clinic can help raise your spirits. We look forward to seeing friends and family wearing them too.’

Professor Dr Geeta Nargund, Medical Director, CREATE Fertility

“It is extremely important that those going through IVF or who may be facing fertility problems are both supported and aware of their options. The #ivfstrongertogether campaign provides a much needed community that will not only provide comfort for those who have been affected by infertility, but will also pave the way for a national conversation surrounding IVF and infertility. This is essential to combat the ‘fertility taboo’ and lack of awareness that I am passionate about addressing.

The campaign is a brilliant way to make sure people know they are not alone in this experience and share their stories to help others. I will be wearing the pineapple pin with pride for this brilliant cause and will encourage others to do so too.”

Susanne Bisinotto, Marketing Manager at Vitabiotics

Pregnacare supports the pineapple pin and #ivfstrongertogether campaign. We hope it will help provide unifying support to those who are trying to conceive – let’s unite and be stronger together.

Mr Raef Faris MSc FRCOG, Consultant Gynaecologist & Fertility Specialist, Lister Fertility Clinic (part of HCA Healthcare)

What a wonderful idea of hope and solidarity. It makes a big difference to those who are going through the fertility journey to know that someone understands and says “I am here for you”. I support this wonderful idea behind the pineapple pin helping the very group of people whom I serve. I look forward to seeing more people joining in this heart-warming idea.

Gail Sexton Anderson, Founder of Donor Concierge

Infertility is not a shameful secret. As a community, we have the opportunity to offer support and guidance to help those struggling find all resources they need while going through treatment. We are all definitely #ivfstrongertogether and we’re thrilled to support IVF babble’s Pineapple campaign!

Diane Chandler, author of Moondance

The pineapple pin is such an inspired and uplifting idea. I’ll be wearing mine to show solidarity, and will always be ready to smile at others wearing theirs. IVF is a tough and often lonely experience, yet a very common one today, and this move to bring the community together feels very special.

IVF Spain is wearing the pineapple pin!

Infertility is a very common issue in our society. We as a fertility clinic know how hard it is to go through an IVF treatment and how difficult it is for many women to talk about this with their family and friends. Therefore, campaigns like #ivfstrongertogether are very needed and will be of great support. The pineapple as a symbol of that bond does exactly express this feeling of solidarity and support that is needed to be able to face infertility.”

Debbie Villafana, Donor Egg Program Manager at Fairfax EggBank

Online support resources are plentiful and an indispensable tool for those struggling with infertility. Yet, sometimes that makes it too easy to hide behind a computer rather than to seek personal support… and something so valuable is lost from the lack of human-to-human live interaction. #ivfstrongertogether is a brilliant concept that will make it easier for women and men to discover others in the community, and empower them with the courage to say something that’s so simple yet difficult to say – that simple “hello”.

Erika Tranfield – Co-Founder Pride Angel

It is important to raise awareness that family types can be created in many different ways. Different families in my eyes are the social norm and we should all be accepting of this. Support and awareness such as #ivfstrongertogether can only help break down any barriers and help all of us to create a world in which we live in that is accepting of all. Bring love to our children and families is the most important message, it matters not how we are created.

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