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Brothers launch ‘Mate Fertility clinic’ after fertility struggles touch them both

Los Angeles-based brothers Oliver and Gabriel Bogner know what it is like to want to be parents, so much so they have launched their own fertility clinic following personal struggles

Mate Fertility launched this week after IVF became the only option for both brothers to have a family.

Younger brother Oliver turned to fertility specialists to help after his partner tested positive for being a carrier of the BRCA1 gene.

Gabriel, who is an IVF baby, said he felt the fertility industry was not as welcoming as it should be towards the LBGTQ+ community he is a member of.

He told Techcrunch.com that he felt there was a huge gap in the market for a more inclusive service.

He said: “IVF and surrogacy were the only options for me to have kids. And I felt the queer community has been locked out of these services. It became my mission to democratise healthcare for my community.”

Oliver has done his research and found that of the 460 clinics in the US, 80 percent are concentrated in the five metropolitan areas, meaning there was a definite gap in the market.

The first clinic will launch in Oklahoma City with prices being set at about 50 percent lower than the other fertility services in the area. It will offer egg freezing services for as low as $5,000 and IVF at about $9,000, with the national average being between $15,000 and $18,000, including medication.

The brothers hope to branch out to franchises in Arkansas, Texas, California, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, and services will include IVF, egg freezing, genetic testing, LGBTQ family building services, and surrogacy.

Current figures show that 18 percent of the US population will need support with their fertility at some point in their lives, meaning the need for more clinics is an opportunity the entrepreneurs hope to help fill.

Oliver said: “We need 3,000 clinics to properly serve our population; today we have 460. There is a huge gap in care.”

The pair have enlisted the expertise of reproductive endocrinologist Dr Jeffrey Steinberg, who trained with the British doctors who were the pioneers of IVF, who has come on board to work to make Mate Fertility a success.

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