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Brian McFadden and fiance Danielle: “Our lifestyle had to change for IVF”

Former Westlife singer Brian McFadden has revealed he and his fiance Danielle Parkinson had to change their lifestyle to help them with their fertility journey

The couple is expecting their first child together; Danielle is 15 weeks pregnant after they experiencing two devastating miscarriages.

They revealed they turned to Mike and Zara Tindall for advice on conceiving and they told them about a dietician in Dubai that has worked wonders for the royal couple, who recently confirmed they are expecting their third child.

Brian said during an appearance on Loose Women, “So Mike told me all about a woman called Simone and she basically changed our whole diet. Mike and Zara did it, and he swore by it.

“He said everybody that we’ve put onto this lady and had done this diet, has gone on to get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy, so we thought we might as well give her a try.

“So after the second pregnancy, we thought we’d take a little of time before we did the third implant because I think we were a little bit too soon after the first when we did the second. It completely changed your lifestyle.”

Danielle, who suffers from a low egg count, and Brian had tried for two years to conceive before they went to see a fertility specialist.

Brian told the panel the first miscarriage was devastating as he was away in Dubai when Danielle began to bleed and went to the hospital for a blood test.

He said, “I was absolutely heartbroken, but I didn’t want to be heartbroken in front of Danielle. She was suffering the most because this happened to her body. I wanted to be strong but on the inside, I was completely broken.

“Most men struggle to talk about their feelings, but it is good to have another person to talk to.”

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