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Australian Football star Lachie Hunter’s fiance Maddison Sullivan-Thorpe discusses fertility heartbreak

Australian football league star Lachie Hunter’s fiance has revealed the couple have ended their IVF journey after five gruelling treatment cycles and more than 150 needles

Maddison Sullivan-Thorpe has opened up about their issues in a heartfelt Instagram post in which she said she was finally at peace with what life has in store for her.

The couple had just completed their fifth round of IVF treatment and it looks like they decided it would be their final attempt.

Maddison had been open about her fertility struggle and documented it on her Instagram account.

In her latest post, she used an image of her dressed in a hospital gown and mask.

She said, “149 self-administered hormone injections it’s safe to say you won’t find me flinching at a blood test. Man this sucked, sucked so much of my time, energy, and emotional capability. It’s made me face my two greatest fears, constantly feeling weak and helplessly out of control.”

She said that it had made her tough and emotionally nothing could break her

“Motherhood sounds so f**king magical, I’m sure it is every bit as lovely and brilliant as everyone describes. But…I’ve also met and spoken with some pretty, loved up women who for a variety of reasons have not had children; and you know what they seem to have found some pretty darn special magic in their lives too.

“Two years since this all began and I am finally at peace with what the future has in store for me.  Kids don’t equal happiness and it’s so damn comforting for people like me, crippled by uncertainty to know that.”

She ended the post by saying it was ‘time to put down the needles and start living my best life’.

The couple is childhood sweethearts and got engaged in October 2019.

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