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ASRM president: “It is time to give employees fertility benefits”

A joint survey on fertility benefits in 2021 by Resolve: The National Infertility Association and financially supported by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine(ASRM) has shown that adding reproductive health care employee benefits to private sector companies did not increase the organizations costs

Dr Hugh Taylor, ASRM president said it is time to give employees fertility benefits.

He said: “The cost borne by employers is not a true barrier to fair and equal access to reproductive health care.

“Millions of Americans get their health insurance from their employer and these survey results should speak to executives and human resources professionals; it is time to provide infertility benefits as they don’t have a significant impact on operational or other costs.”

The ASRM has said it is proud to have supported this study as part of its ongoing financial partnership with Resolve.

What did the survey show?

The survey results highlighted two key issue areas: virtually all respondents (97 percent) did not experience a significant increase in medical plan costs, and this includes employers that currently cover In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

Among all large employers, the prevalence of IVF coverage has risen from 19 percent in 2005 to 27 percent in 2020. For small employers, IVF coverage increased from 11 percent to 14 percent. Importantly, among jumbo employers – those with 20,000 or more employees – coverage for IVF has risen from 30 percent to 42 percent.

One in eight couples struggle with fertility, and the ASRM said it applauds employers who already provide this important benefit. Employers currently providing fertility benefits reported in the survey that they provide this benefit to “ensure employees have access to quality, cost-effective care,” (51 percent) “stay competitive to recruit and retain top talent,” (51 percent) and to “be recognized as a “family-friendly employer” (50 percent).

Just some of the US employers that already provide fertility benefits include Starbucks, Facebook and investment bank, Goldman Sachs.

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