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Artificial ovary being pioneered by Denmark scientists

Danish scientists are developing a technique in which infertile women could be given fresh hope by using an artificial ovary

The scientists have been working on a technique that would involve them removing part of an ovary so they could be re-implanted at a later stage, according to the BBC.

The treatment is mainly aimed at women who will have cancer treatment to help them preserve their fertility.

Copenhagen scientists took ovarian follicles and ovarian tissue from patients due to have cancer treatment and then removed any cancerous cells.

They were then able to grow the ovarian follicles from the remainder of the ovary’s tissue, described as a ‘scaffold’.

The artificial ovary was then transplanted, where it was able to support the growth and survival of the cells.

It is expected that tests on women will begin within the next one to three years.

According to the BBC, experts have called this development an ‘exciting step’ in fertility preservation.

The report into the development was presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology(ESHRE) in July 2018.



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