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Anton de Beke’s upset over IVF struggles

Going through any kind of fertility struggle or treatment is an upsetting and stressful time and sometimes it can feel like you’re totally alone and no one understands your turmoil

So when a celebrity publicly breaks down and openly admits to the raw upset of IVF, as much as it’s upsetting to watch, it can be something to take a small amount of comfort from.

This week, Anton de Beke broke down as he described the “gruelling, intense and painful” fertility journey he and his wife Hannah have suffered. He was speaking on ITV’s Loose Women and told the presenters that IVF was the couple’s only option after his wife’s “long term struggle with endometriosis”.

In March 2017, Anton and Hannah welcomed twins George and Henrietta into the world, after what Anton described as a gruelling journey

Full of admiration for his wife, he said, “I always get emotional when I talk about Hannah. Hannah is a remarkable mum and wife. She’s the most brilliant person I’ve ever met”.

“For me as a man, and everything is from my own personal perspective of a man, I didn’t know whether I wanted to have children or whether that was going to be a thing for me. It wasn’t a subject that was at the forefront of my mind, but what I did know is that if I did have children it would be with the woman I wanted to spend all my life with and it’s Hannah.”

Freely admitting that endometriosis is something that men don’t necessarily understand, he said it was a massive thing for his wife to have to deal with. But that doesn’t stop him feeling empathetic.

He said, “For a woman, it affects the quality of your life to a degree, because it sort of comes in three parts. First there’s the excruciating pain, second there’s the swelling. It sometimes makes you look like you’re pregnant, which is quite a perverse thing because people come up to you and say, “Congratulations” and you’re like, “Actually, no.””

“And it stops you, in many cases, from becoming pregnant. As a man, there’s nothing you can do. All I can do is support, empathise and do whatever I can do.”

Faced with IVF as their only option, Anton said he “takes his hat off” to his wife and other women having to go through the procedure

“The injections… gruelling, intense, painful… the bruising. But of course, you forego all that because the potential prize at the end of having babies and we were fortunate to have the twins”.

After having to administer injections in Hannah’s behind, he admits how hard it was. But he also says that the shared experience brought them closer. He was there for Hannah as much as he could, saying “The best he could do was support her”.

His interview has now been shared amongst endometriosis sufferers on social media, with so many people singing his praises for talking about the subject with such heartfelt emotion, and we feel that too, Anton, well done.




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