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Amy Schumer decides to pause IVF to consider surrogacy

Needing any kind of assisted fertility means going through procedures, tests and appointments that are completely new and often frightening and stressful. Add to that, a global pandemic and everything can be even more overwhelming

Amy Schumer, star of the movie Trainwreck, welcomed her son Gene into the world last year after having IVF with her husband Chris Fischer. She says that the process took a great toll on her, physically and emotionally, as anyone who’s experienced it will testify.

The couple now want to have another child, and in January this year announced that they’d begun IVF once more in order to become pregnant

But then, when the world was hit by the coronavirus and many medical procedures, including IVF, were put on hold, she had the time to consider her options. Her IVF was put on hold and she now says that she may not continue now that clinics are reopening after revealing that her severe morning sickness was too much to bear again.

Having suffered from the condition hyperemesis gravidarum, she became hospitalised and is told that she has a 90% chance of developing it again with a further pregnancy.

Amy filmed a TV series “Expecting Amy” detailing her journey to motherhood, during which she spoke to friend Christy Turlington Burns who has two children but would love to be pregnant one last time.

Seizing an opportunity, 39 year old Amy said, “Great! I am looking for a surrogate because I’m never doing it again”

Later speaking to the Today show, Amy admitted it wasn’t entirely a joke, saying, “It is something we’ve absolutely explored.”

“I mean, it (pregnancy) is something that I can’t imagine putting myself through again, but it’s also something I can’t imagine not putting myself through. It’s so confusing.”

“We’ve put the expansion of our family plan on hold because of the (coronavirus) pandemic. Whether I try to carry again or there’s a surrogate, it’s all just on hold.”

We wish all the best, whatever you decide, Amy.




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