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All About Fertility Expo 2021 for patients in Australia and New Zealand

Embarking on IVF treatment is a big decision, and people need to be able to make well-informed choices based on the best available information

This is why an online fertility expo is being hosted for the first time for patients in Australia and New Zealand in June 2021.

One of the fertility experts that will be on hand to help answer patient questions is Dr Fleur Cattrall, of Melbourne IVF.

She often gets asked by new patients, what is my chance of IVF success?

A lot of her new patients have used online fertility estimators before they see her, these online calculators estimate a couple’s chance of having a baby via IVF.

Dr Cattrall always advises her patients that everyone’s fertility journey is unique and that the success of IVF is influenced by each individual’s diverse and unique characteristics.

As medical director of Melbourne IVF, she said: “It is not possible for an online calculator to fully consider someone’s individual fertility and lifestyle factors. Instead, I advise a personalised consultation to assess your unique fertility health.”

But one thing that makes Dr Cattrall more informed than most is the fact that she is a former IVF patient and will explain how her own IVF experience has driven her commitment to improve IVF success rates, along with excellent patient care, inside and outside the IVF laboratory.

She said: “Melbourne IVF’s rise in IVF success rates over the last three years (15 percent relative increase in pregnancy rates) can be attributed to the clinic’s focus on world-leading research, innovation and its OneLab strategy, led by the world-leading embryologist, Professor David Gardner.”

To find out more about Melbourne IVF’s impressive success rates, view the latest date from the VARTA report   .

According to the data, Melbourne IVF now ranks at the top of IVF success for fresh and frozen cycles in all age categories in 2019/20.

It has a pregnancy success rate of 36.6 percent for all ages in the fresh and thaws data, and makes the most babies out of any clinic in Victoria.

To register to attend the All About Fertility expo 2021, click here.


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