US television presenter Maria Menounos reveals she will welcome children in 2021

Popular television presenter Maria Menounos has confirmed she is expecting children with her husband, Kevan Undergaro

The 42-year-old former E! News presenter and Access Hollywood reporter announced the news on her Better Together show.

Maria has had a turbulent few years dealing with fertility issues, her mother being diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and herself getting a tumour removed in 2017.

The diagnosis meant she had to step down from her dream role of E! News anchor, alongside Jason Kennedy.

She had previously talked about surrogacy as a way for the couple to realise their dream of having children after being told she would be putting her life at risk by carrying a pregnancy.

Maria revealed last year that the pair had started their surrogacy journey after she got Kevan to complete the surrogacy agency’s paperwork.

At the time she said the reason it had taken a while to send off the surrogacy paperwork was due to her mother’s recurrence of her stage four brain cancer.

She said: “Even though my mom is in this situation, I wanted to do things a little differently. I don’t want to stop living. We went and met with the agency.”

She said on her show this week, “We are definitely entertaining this, by the way. It is beautiful and we are going to have a family.

“We want to raise them somewhere where there will be kids next door to play with and you’re not afraid. Los Angeles just doesn’t have that.”

She gave no other details about the pregnancy but by saying children, we can only assume that they are having more than one.

She did say that she was telling her mother she must get stronger because of their news.

She said, “Yesterday, I said to her, ‘You gotta get strong, you gotta hang on – you’ve got grandchildren coming, and they might even be showing up,’ well they’re definitely showing up next year. I was gonna say around a certain time, but I won’t share yet because I don’t wanna.”

Good luck to Maria and Kevan with their impending arrivals

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