Couple to welcome miracle IVF baby after father’s cancer diagnosis

A couple will welcome what they have called ‘their miracle baby’ via IVF after the father was diagnosed with testicular cancer

Oliver Roper-Browning and his partner Stef will welcome a daughter in March.

Oliver, from Warrington, discovered a small lump in his testicle in 2018 and went to his doctors, but he was told it was probably a cyst.

He went home reassured but just weeks later the lump had grown rapidly and he was in so much pain he went to his local hospital’s Accident and Emergency department.

After a scan, he was given the news that the lump was in fact cancer and he would have to start treatment straight away.

He was able to freeze his sperm as part of his cancer treatment but was told it was unlikely the couple would ever conceive naturally.

Once he went into remission the couple decided to apply for NHS IVF treatment.

The couple decided to use fresh sperm instead of what he had frozen

Doctors told them their chances of it succeeding were slim but amazingly the treatment worked in their first attempt.

Oliver told the Liverpool Echo: “It was devastating to be told we couldn’t have children naturally.

“I did a sperm freeze and did a test after chemo and they told me it would be virtually impossible for me to have children.

“We were in a great place in our relationship and were at a stage where we were ready to have children.

“I was devastated that I couldn’t give the person I love something we both wanted and what most people can give their partner. I felt like I was letting her down.

“We did a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I almost didn’t believe it at first.”

The couple had an ultrasound and saw the baby for the first time – a moment they both hold very dearly to them.

Oliver said for most people 2020 had been a terrible year but for him and Stef it had been the best year ever.

He said: “And 2021 will be even better as we will be parents soon.

“We can look forward to becoming parents.”

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