We asked some of our readers to tell us how 2020 affected them

What on earth was that all about -we are of course referring to 2020

The year we had to put our lives, and plans, and our loved ones on hold, whilst we waited for our governments to figure out how to get the world spinning again as the coronavirus swept through our planet at speed killing people at an epic rate. 

As the scale of the pandemic grew, so did the fear

Would the world ever take control again? Would we forever be at risk? Would we ever be able to return to normality? Would schools, restaurants, shops and fertility clinics remain closed for good? Would the men and women across the globe, desperately wanting to be parents ever achieve the dream of parenthood? 

With no answers, uncertainty fed the fear

Lockdown was the only solution as our scientists worked furiously to develop a vaccine. When we look back at the scenes in the supermarkets during the days leading up to lockdown – the empty shelves and the frightened faces, the news reports showing hospitals brimming at the scenes with patients suffering from Covid, it feels like we have been living our worst nightmares.

For those who had their IVF put on hold or cancelled, the nightmare was not only affecting the present, but was potentially going to affect their future. We asked some of our readers to tell us how 2020 affected their lives.

I didn’t think life could sink any lower

“I remember standing in the supermarket as people ran furiously past me trying to buy toilet rolls. I just stood there. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. My IVF failed in Feb and I actually didn’t think life could get any worse. How wrong I was. It was like armageddon. 2021 is going to rock though, I know it will. I have my start date in the diary and I can see the light. Hurry up 2021!”


“Following 4 years of saving up for IVF, we had our first round of IVF cancelled. I mean, WHY??? Why why why??? Why is the question I found myself repeating over and over. Why am I having to face so many barriers to become a mother? Infertility, finance, and then a bloody global pandemic! 2020 has tested me to say the least. I still don’t know the answer to the question “why?”, and have stopped asking. Life is too strange to figure out the “why”s..”

My parents can’t meet their grandchild

“2020 has been a very strange year for me personally. After many years of TTC I finally fell pregnant and gave birth to my little IVF baby in June. Me, my husband and our little baby saw no family or friends for months. To have gone through so much heartache through failed IVF over so many years, it is just so sad that my parents haven’t been able to embrace their beautiful little grandchild. However, I have my baby, and I worked damn hard to get her so I am not complaining!”.

The TTC community has been my rock

“2020 was the year I found a community of men and women who truly look out for each other. The TTC community has been my rock and I will forever be grateful for the love and support I have received. I hit a massive low in the summer. Fear properly took a hold on me, but I found friendships on instagram and have felt enormous comfort knowing that I am not alone”.

For those of you who have had the crappiest of years, we send you so much love. We hope with all our hearts that 2021 brings you the happiness and joy that you so deserve. If you need any support over the Christmas period, do reach out to us or to each other. We are all still just a message away. 

Here’s to a year of health, happiness and conception!

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