Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty says no evidence COVID-19 vaccine affects fertility

The chief medical officer for England has reassured couples wanting to have a family that there is no evidence to suggest the vaccine could have a detrimental effect on fertility

Professor Chris Whitty gave the advice when answering questions on Monday, December 14 at the UK Government’s weekly press conference on the latest coronavirus data.

A woman from Gateshead, called Becky, asked as a woman wanting to start a family with her partner whether the vaccine could affect her fertility.

Professor Whitty effectively ruled out the possibility, stating there was nothing to back up her concerns.

He said: “There is no current evidence on any impact of fertility.

“Lots of concerns are there, and people who are wanting to start families of course have concerns very reasonably.

“It’s not something seen as a problem – this is not an area I think people should be concerned.”

For the latest advice on fertility clinics and COVID-19 restrictions, visit the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority website.

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