Rosanna Davison expecting twins naturally after years of fertility issues

Irish model and former Miss World Rosanna Davison is expecting twin boys after years of fertility issues

The 36-year-old and her husband, Wes Quirke, have had a tumultuous road to parenthood. Rosanna has suffered 14 miscarriages during the first few years of their marriage in 2014 – a total many would find hard to accept.

Rosanna was diagnosed with an immune system disorder, meaning her body would reject any embryos.

But the couple kept going and was told that due to Rosanna not being able to sustain a pregnancy, surrogacy could be their only option.

She said in a recent interview with Ryan Tubridy, of the Late, Late Show, “We were really keen to start a family and it happened very quickly for us. I booked the eight-week scan, told my family at five weeks and everyone was thrilled for us.

“And then kind of abruptly it came to an end and I had a miscarriage. We tried again, but the same thing happened time and time again. In the end, I had 14 miscarriages.”

In 2018 the couple decided to begin their surrogacy journey and by November 2019 they welcomed their beautiful daughter, Sophia via gestational surrogacy in Kiev.

She said at the time, “We’re completely overwhelmed love and gratitude for our incredible gestational surrogate, who has given us the greatest gift of all and made our family dream a reality.”

But that’s not the end of their fairytale

The couple announced earlier this year they are expecting twins conceived naturally during the lockdown.

Rosanna told her 244,000 Instagram followers the couple was ‘absolutely thrilled to complete our family and for our daughter to have two siblings so close in age to her’.

She explained that her doctor is baffled at how she has carried this pregnancy after many years of medical intervention to do so.

She said, “My doctor can offer no medical explanation for why I have been able to sustain this pregnancy and it will probably always be one of life’s mysteries.

“We still can’t quite believe it ourselves and it’s taken a long time to properly process it and then share the news.

“Fertility miracles may take some time, but they really can happen in the most unexpected way.”

The twin boys are due in November and the couple is busy nesting for the two new arrivals.

We wish Rosanna and Wes all the very best and congratulations on what is turning out to be a very strange and unsettling year.


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