Lesbian couple launch UK campaign to end ‘gay tax’ on fertility treatment

A couple have launched a campaign to get equal rights for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community wanting to have a family

Megan and Whitney, who are Youtube influencers, known as Wegan, have told their 50,000 followers that they began their fight after being told they would have to spend £30,000 with a private fertility clinic after being refused free NHS IVF treatment.

“We are being discriminated against,’ Whitney said. “Plain and simple.”

The pair have started a petition along with other couples to try and get the law changed in England.

They discovered soon into their fertility journey that women under 40 can be offered IVF on the NHS but only if they can prove they have been trying to get pregnant with unprotected sex for two years or have undergone unsuccessful fertility treatment privately.

The couple, who have been together 12 years, explained that if you are a gay or single woman in most parts of the UK you will get no or little support.

Megan told Channel 4 News, “My wife and I embarked on our baby journey this year and we were surprised to find a lot of discrimination happening towards LGBTQ+ couples and as we have a following we decided to do something about it.”

Another couple featured in the programme segment was Laura and Stacey Thorogood

The couple described their journey as ‘painful’ and spent more than £50,000 on creating their family.

Laura-Rose said, “We wanted a family and we were going to do everything to do that.

“But there are families out there who are of a low income and unfortunately they will never get that.”

Laura-Rose said she heard some hurtful things when people found out they were trying to have their two children.

“‘Why don’t you go and have a one night stand? or ‘surely you can find someone online?’. These are the things you can kind of cringe at and you can take because people don’t say it in a mean way. But when people say it without thinking, that’s when people should think about what they say, would you say it to a heterosexual couple or single woman?”

Laura-Rose started a support group to help other LGBTQ+ friends, LGBT Mummies Tribe

After Laura-Rose wants IVF to be means-tested for all women, regardless of their sexuality.

NHS England responded by saying these are legal decisions for local health groups who should ensure local access to local fertility services.

To find out more visit their youtube page or Instagram page

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