IVF blogger Nikki Manashe pregnant after seven years of fertility treatment

Alex Reid’s fiancee Nikki Manashe has revealed she is finally pregnant after seven years of fertility treatment

The 35-year-old IVF blogger, who blogs as ivf_chasing_dreams, excitedly announced she had reached the four-week mark to her 20,000 Instagram followers.

But the news was tinged with slight sadness as she will have to self isolate from her husband-to-be and all friends and family until she reaches 28 weeks due to her being at higher risk of catching coronavirus.

She said in her post, “It’s official. I can finally say it!!! My HCG levels are 366!!! I was told a healthy pregnancy should be around 100 and for twins 250 plus!!!”

Nikki said she realised how early it was to be announcing the news but was so happy to share it with her followers.

She said, “I know it’s so early on but how can I not share this when I’ve been blogging my journey with you and who makes up these rules that we can’t embrace pregnancy at 4 weeks and 1 day?”

She said the babies will be here in June or July 2021

Nikki summed up by saying, “I hope my Instagram account shows you to never give up on your dreams, to keep fighting for what you want, to believe and trust.”

Just weeks ago we reported that Nikki had to have surgery to remove a large cyst while having this IVF cycle.

She said the cyst was the cause of her pain and persistent bleeding.

Doctors removed 60ml of fluid and have told her she would have to have a short pause in her treatment to recover.

The couple has been together since 2013 and trying for a baby for most of this time.

Alex and Nikki suffered an ectopic pregnancy earlier in their relationship, which she believes is one of the reasons she is struggling to conceive, along with a high proportion of Natural Killer Cells, a condition that attacks any embryo implanted.

The pair have already had three IVF cycles, all ending in miscarriage, including twins, and Nikki has been unable to carry a pregnancy past the 12-week mark.

Alex has been documenting their story over the past few years and has given up alcohol, caffeine, and hot baths to make his sperm as healthy as possible.

Nikki told the Mirror that Alex was finding being away from her hard.

She said, “I think he’s struggling more than me, to be honest. The structure, the routine, the comfort.

“I think men need women more than women need men. I’m a really independent person, so is he.”

“He misses his fur babies as well. It’s hard, a big strain on our relationship to be apart from each other for such a long time. He is a massive softy, I think he is missing me a lot. We go on social distanced walks, we do what we can.”

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